Craft Tarot Cards

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Waterproof  Eco Plastic Vintage  Set

Waterproof Eco Plastic Vintage Set

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Waterproof Tarot Deck -Premium Eco Plastic -Tarot Cards With Guidebook -78 Cards Classic Tarot School 22 major arcana and 56 minor -Size 2 3/4 x 4 3/4 inc ./ 7x12...

Craft tarot cards with unique designs

There are lots of options of tarot cards or decks you can choose from. Craft tarot cards are among the widespread products because of their outstanding design and special feel. Tarot has been a popular activity since the 15th century. Over time, they began to gather a more mystical and symbolic significance and turned into a tool for fortune-telling.

Craft tarot cards look like they were made hundreds of years ago. Their vintage design can make you feel that many individuals used these cards before you. You can literally touch the past of tarot practices. These designs are also very understandable, making them a suitable choice for beginners. It is easier to interpret cards that have a straightforward definition.

Besides, you can select the tarot card craft design that meets your taste and interpretation of tarot symbols. Choose those that meet your preferences and background with cards. You can also use them for specific spreads, such as analyzing situations or working with certain archetypes.

The advantages of craft tarot cards

There are lots of tarot card types to choose from. Traditionally, they can be plastic or cardboard. Selecting tarot craft cards helps create a deeper personal connection to the process. Besides, craft cards have special energetics and complex vintage symbolism. They help you feel in touch with the centuries of traditions and use your creativity while interpreting ancient symbols for present situations.

What to consider while selecting tarot card crafts

First, you should determine which kind of tarot deck you want. The Rider Waite and de Marseille are the widespread choices. They have several differences in design and purpose, yet both belong to traditional French tarot decks. Marseille has a more vintage and medieval style than the first one. Their disadvantage is that their symbolism is more difficult to understand than commonly used modern decks. They can be utilized for specific types of spreads and situations.

    • Choose the material of your cards. Our website offers tarot cards made of high-quality eco-plastic or cardboard. They have excellent longevity yet have a vintage design and feel.

    • Most decks come with a brief guidebook with an explanation of card meanings. Make sure it contains enough information for your skill level.

    • Purchase an additional book on tarot reading. It will especially benefit you if you are a newbie.

  • Trust your intuition and pay attention to how a certain tarot card design makes you feel.

Select a craft tarot cards deck that aligns with your energy and intentions and matches your vibe. Some styles can feel mystical and even creepy, while others may look easier to understand and have light energy. It’s best when you get several types of designs for different spreads and questions.

What you get when buying a tarot card craft

This classic 78-card Rider Waite tarot deck includes major and minor arcana. It is packed in a protective cardboard box, but you can also purchase additional accessories, such as a wooden box, velvet bag, or gabardine tarot box. These accessories match the style of your deck and enhance the reading experience. You can also get a brief yet informative guidebook. All these accessories make an excellent gift set for someone interested in hand-crafted tarot cards.

The tarot decks we offer are universal for any level of experience. The designs are understandable and look visually appealing. Each card is carefully crafted from high-quality materials, taking tarot reading to a higher level. You can choose between eco-plastic and cardboard.

Hand-crafted tarot cards for a better experience

No mass-produced tarot spread can offer the same feel of connection to the centuries of tarot traditions, spirituality, and wisdom. We carefully choose designs that would be easy to understand, resonate with different people and conditions, and provide a vintage and mysterious feel.