Linen Tarot Cards

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The Rider Waite Borderless Vintage Eco Linen Cardboard - Dark Forest Tarot Cards

The Rider Waite Borderless Vintage Eco Linen Cardboard

From $37.40 USD
The Rider Waite Borderless Vintage -Tarot Cards With Guidebook -Eco Linen Premium Cardboard 350GSM -Anti Scratch Lamination -78 Cards Classic Tarot School 22 major arcana and 56 minor-Size 2,75 x 4,72...
Moon Magic Tarot Deck - Dark Forest Tarot Cards

Moon Magic Tarot Deck

From $37.40 USD
Tarot Deck Moon Magic -Tarot Cards With Guidebook -Premium Cardboard for Tarot Cards 300GSM -Plastic lamination for Tarot Deck -78 Cards Classic Tarot School 22 major arcana and 56 minor...
Moon Magic Tarot Deck.Eco Linen Cardboard - Dark Forest Tarot Cards

Moon Magic Tarot Deck.Eco Linen Cardboard

From $37.40 USD
Tarot Deck Moon Magic Unlock the mystical power of the Moon with our stunning Moon Tarot Deck! These eco-friendly tarot cards are designed with 78 unique and powerful images that...

Linen tarot cards with unique designs

This type of tarot cards has a linen finish, which means a specific texture is applied to them while printing. It imitates the feel and look of linen fabric. This so-called linen finish creates a subtle pattern on the surface, making them more visually appealing and pleasant to touch. 

This textured pattern creates a slightly rougher card surface, making the decks easier to hold and shuffle. Those who like the tactile experience of shuffling cards may enjoy it most. This adds a more professional feel while making spreads. 

We offer linen tarot cards with contemporary and classic designs so that everyone can find something that fits their taste. Since reading tarot cards requires creativity and intuition, you need to choose things that meet your preferences. Find a deck that resonates with your mood, vibe, and goals of your tarot practice. 

What is special about air linen tarot cards

The linen finish doesn’t simply offer tactile and visual advantages. This texture protects the cards from scratches or wearing off. Fingerprints are less visible on a textured cover, unlike cards with a matte or shiny finish. 

  • A structured surface reduces stickiness between the cards and helps you shuffle them more effortlessly. 
  • The cards are thick and made of high-quality cardboard, making them less prone to wear and tear. 
  • Although they may be more expensive than mass-produced cards, these can improve your tarot reading practice. It can be a worthy investment in the long run. 
  • The texture highlights images and symbols. The cards look more carefully crafted and sophisticated. 

Besides, many people find air linen tarot cards especially appealing. As a rule, this texture is usually combined with muted colors, as this design makes them look even more pastel. Such a design helps readers pay more attention to detail and encourages intuition and creativity. 

This type of tarot cards is suitable for those who want to get something extra for their reading practices. These decks, or ones with foil accents, can be a great addition to your collection if you already have classic vintage designs. Trust your intuition and pay attention to your feelings while browsing the assortment of different linen weave tarot cards. The tarot deck is the right choice if you strongly connect with it. Typically, the very first deck that catches your eye is the most suitable choice. 

Each custom deck has its unique imagery and symbolism. Some styles are close to traditional vintage cards, while others add a contemporary minimalist touch. Select a deck with symbolism that aligns with your understanding of tarot. Apart from that, make sure the tarot cards are suitable for your level of experience. Some decks can be too sophisticated and unclear for beginner readers.

What you can buy with linen weave tarot cards

The decks come in cardboard boxes as standard packaging. We suggest getting bags, wooden boxes, and velvet cloth. They have the same style as your deck, so all the accessories complement each other. You can purchase the whole set for your tarot reading atmosphere or as a gift for a person who practices tarot. 

Rider Waite decks usually consist of 78 cards, including minor and major arcana. Apart from them, our website offers other types. Besides, every tarot card deck comes with a 36-page guidebook with a brief yet informative card explanation. It can be a hands-on book if you are a beginner in tarot reading and don’t remember all the cards yet. You can also download an extended version of a tarot reading guidebook online in case you need more assistance. 

Some prefer having many accessories and decorations when doing tarot, while others feel like getting a deck is enough. Choose your tarot reading style and organize your surroundings according to your preferences. Create an atmosphere that allows you to concentrate on reading symbols. The right vibe encourages creativity and allows one to discover unique meanings. The environment will help the reader make decisions and understand various situations.