Wooden Tarot Box

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Tarot Wooden Box Pink Lotus - Dark Forest Tarot Cards

Tarot Wooden Box Pink Lotus

$24.90 USD
Tarot Wooden Box Pink Lotus. This box is made of oak. Box size 5.5x3.74x2.16 inc 14x9.5x5.5 sm
Tarot Wooden Box.Card Box. - Dark Forest Tarot Cards

Tarot Wooden Box.Card Box.

$24.90 USD
Tarot Wooden box✔ -Size 5x3,5x2 inc / 13,6x9,2x5sm -Fast production and delivery in the USA✔ (1-3 business days for production and packing, 2-5 business days for delivery)

Wooden tarot box for your decks

Tarot decks are instruments for understanding different situations, gaining insight, and making decisions. Tarot practitioners select them very carefully based on their vibe and aesthetic appeal. However, as a rule, most cards are prone to tearing, crumbling, fading, or getting wet if stored in unsuitable conditions. And here, we don’t even mention that some cards can get lost or mixed up without proper storage. 

A wooden tarot card box is suitable for those who want to protect their decks from dust and moisture. You can get separate boxes for different decks and keep your collection well-organized. 

Plain wooden tarot box to store your cards

Wood boxes look much more appealing than cardboard counterparts. They are thick, heavy, and have a nice texture. Also, they don’t lose shape when you transport them, which prevents the cards from getting damaged or wrapped. 

Even if you have a plain wooden tarot box design, it still looks laconic and elegant, which you won’t achieve with cardboard boxes. Wood is often associated with natural and positive energy. Some believe it can deepen your connection to the cards and enhance their vibe. Last but not least, wood is an environmentally friendly option. It fits seamlessly into the tarot reading environment and looks organic in it, unlike plastic or glass. 

Create a vibe even with a cheap wooden tarot box 

Accessories help set a good mood for doing tarot spreads. That’s why many tarot readers are so obsessed with decorating their places and getting stuff for their practices. Organizing a dedicated space for tarot can help you turn your room into a sacred area for readings. This is also especially important for setting an environment that allows you to concentrate on card meanings and doesn’t distract from them. Here are some tips for creating the right atmosphere.

  • Select candles, crystals, boxes, artwork pieces, and other design pieces according to your intuition. 
  • Think of your tarot room as an extension of your energy and personality. Add your own power to the area and make it feel more authentic and cozy by arranging and customizing it with things that have special significance to you. 
  • Make sure you have enough space for all the things and your room doesn’t feel too chaotic or crowded. This can immediately make somebody uncomfortable and prevent them from opening their souls and sharing emotions. 
  • While some can enjoy a plain box, others prefer getting a customized option. You can pick a box with the same style and imagery as your tarot deck. 

A wooden box for tarot cards will be a great addition for the reader with any level of experience. You can go for a customized wooden tarot box or personalize it yourself. Some paint, stain, or decorate the boxes so that they match their personal taste or the vibe of a certain tarot deck. You can engrave symbols that only you understand. 

What to consider while selecting a wooden tarot card box

First, you need to ensure your decks fit into the selected box. Consider the size of your cards and the box itself while making a choice. Our boxes are suitable for classic tarot card sizes. 

You can get a wooden tarot box with a hinge or lock if you have especially valuable decks in your collection. This will ensure extra safety for your cards. As a rule, one deck is stored individually, but you may also come across options for several decks. Besides, make sure the design matches your deck if you prefer getting ready-made options to customizing the accessories by yourself. 

Why get a wooden box for tarot cards

As a rule, all our decks come in a cardboard box. You can store them in it. However, as a rule, this packaging is not very durable compared to other options, such as a cheap wooden tarot box or fabric bag. Cardboard or fabric tear and wear off very easily, so soon you need to think about other storage options. 

Besides, a wooden box is not just an item to keep your cards in. It can become a stylish design piece in your tarot practice. You can get a design that matches your cards’ style and vibe so that you easily understand what deck is in there. This also pertains to accessories like cloth or tarot bags. Although these things may seem insignificant, they help create a sacred space for your tarot readings.